What is Deep Tissue Massage?

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Some clients have the misconception about painful massage work being more effective—the fallacy of “no pain, no gain.”

Deep tissue work should not be painful and can be very nurturing. Deep tissue techniques are intended to be used when the need arises. A massage should never consist entirely of deep work.

A simple definition might be : the understanding of the layers of the body, and the ability to work with tissue in these layers to relax, lengthen, and release holding patterns in the most effective and energy efficient way possible.

In deep tissue massage there is less emphasis on pleasure as the primary goal and more emphasis on altering structure and muscle restrictions. This is not to say that the work is not pleasurable. Most clients, once they are accustomed to the benefits of deep tissue work, prefer the increased degree of relaxation, the alleviation of pain, and the longer lasting benefits.

Az Massage Center p.l.l.c. is offering Deep Tissue work as one of it’s services, along with reflexology foot massage, to our neighbors in the Oro Valley and Tucson area. Call today for an appointment!

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